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4th International Conference in Economic and Social History


Ionian University, Department of History

4th International Conference in Economic and Social History

Corfu, September 2022

Varieties of Capitalism in the Mediterranean (18th-20th c.)


The Greek Economic History Association and the Department of History of the Ionian University are organising the 4th International Conference in Economic and Social History, titled “Varieties of Capitalism in the Mediterranean (18th-20th century)”.


Originally planned for 2020, the conference has been postponed until September 2022. The conference is planned as an in-person event to be held on Corfu, with additional information to be announced early in 2022.


Conference theme

Capitalism is seen as a phenomenon of global history enhanced by transnational transactions; the conference seeks to re-examine the various forms and patterns of capitalism in the Mediterranean region as an essential concept for understanding modernities. Considering the pre-eighteenth-century historical experience of capitalist activity in the Mediterranean, can we identify Mediterranean patterns of economic modernity in individual or group choices, strategies and profits? What were the features of merchant and financial capitalism that emerged in the Mediterranean after the eighteenth century? What was the role played by political authority (imperial, national, colonial) in capitalist development? How did the natural environment shape capitalist development and how has it been transformed by it? Also in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Mediterranean world became the area of intense economic activity and political conflict that transcended religious and - since the nineteenth century – national boundaries, and was gradually transformed   by the emergence of national economies. We invite sessions and papers that will discuss structures and behaviours to explore continuity and change in various entrepreneurial paths in the Mediterranean. Other topics that the conference may include are: histories of merchant capitalism; pre-industrial and industrial capitalism; pre-capitalist and capitalist agriculture; production and consumption; financial institutions, sovereign debt and financial control; shipping and port economies; mobility and migration networks; class and social structures; race and gender relations; culture and capitalism in the Mediterranean.