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To and From Rethymno

Since it is still unsure, whether there will be during the winter season a direct connection Piraeus-Rethymno by boat or not, it is highly likely that you will have to reach Rethymno via Chania or Iraklion (Crete), either by boat or by plane.

In case you choose the boat from Piraeus, you may visit the sites of the two companies operating the lines Piraeus-Chania and Piraeus-Rethymnon, where you can buy electronically your tickets:

The trip is an overnight one and lasts approximately 9 hours (there are four- and two-person cabins starting from appr. 60 EURO’s a bed).

In case you choose to reach Chania or Iraklion by plane from Athens, we do not recommend Olympic Airlines, which is undergoing an acute crisis and the possibility of flight delays or cancellations is high. The alternative company, Aegean Airlines, offers very good prices, provided that you buy a fixed ticket as early as possible. If you choose Aegean Airlines, we recommend that you visit their site ( and buy your ticket electronically as soon as possible.

If you will be traveling to Chania by boat, you can take the coach from the port of Souda (Chania) to Rethymnon (the coach is waiting at the port, on your left hand side as you exit the boat). If you will be traveling to Irakleion by boat, the Coach Station (KTEL Irakliou), wherefrom you can take the coach to Rethymno, is within walking distance from the harbor. If you travel by plane to Chania, you will have to take a taxi from the airport to either the Chania Coach Station (KTEL Chanion, costs 25 EURO appr.) or to Rethymno (costs 60 EURO appr., 1 hour drive), because public transport to and from Chania airport is rare and inconvenient. If you will be traveling by plane to Iraklion, you can either take a taxi to Rethymnon from the airport (70-80 Euro appr., 80 minutes drive) or go by taxi or bus to the Irakleion Coach Station (KTEL Irakleiou), wherefrom you can take the coach to Rethymno. If you travel from Irakleion to Rethymno by Coach we suggest that you buy a one way ticket, a choice that will provide you with more options for your departure time on your way back from Rethymno to Irakleio (two companies operate the same line). Rent-a-car at either airport can be a good option because of the low winter season rates, provided that you negotiate a good price on spot.

Once you have chosen the way to reach Rethymno and you have fixed the dates and time of your travel, please inform us in order to help us organize your reception in Crete in the best possible way.