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You may travel to Ioannina by:

  • Airplane from Athens airport (with Aegean airlines Aegean Airlines, offers very good prices, provided that you buy a fixed ticket as early as possible.
  • Car/bus from the airport of Thessaloniki (3 hours) via Egnatia motorway
  • Bus: The Intercity Bus (KTEL) operates many scheduled services per day from Athens, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa and many other Greek cities ( Bus intercity station in Athens is “Kifisos”.
    • An option is to come from Corfu, as Corfu airport has many cheap flights and then by boat to Igoumenitsa AND by car/bus to Ioannina (for details on Corfu


Online Timetables
OASA ( The schedule of Bus X93 from Athens airport to the bus station “Kifisos”.

Once you have chosen the way to reach Ioannina and you have fixed the dates and time of your travel, please inform us in order to help us organize your reception in Ioannina and Epirus in the best possible way.